This is the subject, of all subjects you will ever study, where the intelligent and individual assistance of a trained and experienced tutor is most necessary, and provides the most dramatic benefits. There is a reason why, in real life outside of academics, engineering work is done in teams. This field requires teamwork, and you and the engineering tutor you find with us will make a powerful team, focused on helping you to acquire necessary skills and achieve the grades that will help you to design and build your future.

Engineering is a rigorous field, because it is neither subjective, nor wholly mathematical. Unlike language arts, social studies, and the "soft sciences," correct answers are not defined just by artistic preferences, taste and judgment, and what sounds good to the teacher. Engineering has to be right, and if you are presenting work, whether to a company, customer, or as a student to a teacher, you have to be able to prove that you are right.

On the other hand, the study of engineering is not just a branch of mathematics, where the same numbers always produce the same products when multiplied or combined according to a prescribed function. In mathematics, there is always one correct answer to any particular problem, rules of mathematical logic are immutable, and thus the careful student can check his work, and, given enough time, patience, and industry, can always, by brute effort if necessary, arrive at a correct answer.

Engineering tutors ready to help you in a range of complex specialties, including:

  • Aerospace tutor,
  • Architectural tutor,
  • Chemical tutor,
  • Electrical tutor,
  • Fluid dynamics (or hydrodynamics) tutor,
  • Mechanical tutor.

Engineering always involves an element of creativity and even an element of play, while yet being always subject to the remorseless laws of chemistry, thermodynamics, and physics. The poet or the writer can build a big heavy conclusion, and support it on airy wisps of logic. The engineer has to be sure that supporting structures are totally adequate, that load-bearing members are properly placed, and that materials that work best in compression, are not in tension, or vise-versa. In literature, a mixed metaphor may merely grate on the ear; in engineering work, the juxtaposition of two non-compatible metals will cause corrosion that makes the assembly fail, the rocket to fail to launce, or the airplane to fall out of the sky.

To advance in classes, it actually matters that you really know your stuff.

Engineering school graduates are among the best paid in the workforce, because their skills really matter.

In this field, of all fields, going the "extra mile" to obtain specialized engineering tutoring help you achieve real mastery of your subject.

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