With us you will understand that those things that seemed like nature's complications are in fact completely natural. Achieve real understanding and success with our biology tutors immediately available to assist with homework, test preparation, design of experiments, and composition of reports or research papers.

Biology is considered to be the science of life with all its phenomena, including distribution, growth, and reproduction. It is a prerequisite field of study for doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other health related occupations.

Biology classes can often present special challenges for students because in order to really understand it, he or she must have a solid grasp of preliminary background that should have been covered in other classes on mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other science background.

If your teacher does not assume any prior knowledge, and covers everything "from scratch", you are very lucky, and you have an exceptional teacher.

Most of the time, however, teachers will assume, for instance, that students understand the properties of acid, and will simply state that "the stomach contains acid", and then expect them to understand what an acid actually is, how it works to digest food, what an acid will NOT do to digest food, and how having acid in the stomach might affect the rest of the body, or how eating salty or bitter food might alter the acidity of stomach acid. Some teachers will discuss how acids, salts, and "basic" substances are different, and how they affect each other, but many will just trust that their students know these and thousands of other similar chemistry facts, or other facts.

This situation can cause even a smart, hardworking person, to completely fail to comprehend certain sections of a biology course, if he or she does not actually understand what the teacher assumes.

A skilled and knowledgeable tutor can discuss a student's troubled-points, or read a draft of a paper, and immediately catch the points where "assumed knowledge" that he or she does not actually have, is causing a problem. Then, the tutor will be able to explain the missing facts, and leave the student knowledgeable and confident, not only with the foundational background, but with the subject nailed together as well.

Our biology tutors are not only immediately available, and affordable, they are also the best in the business of helping you to achieve real mastery and comfort with a difficult and complex subject that is so often a crucial stepping stone for academic and professional achievement.

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