Online Tutoring in Languages: English, French and Spanish

A great amount of students take foreign languages as part of their overall requirements than as a major or concentration. For those who are foreign language majors, things can get pretty hairy too... but it's usually toughest for those who are non-majors. Declensions, conjugations, moods, voices, tenses, irregulars, etc., not everybody has that much room in their brains for all this stuff. And even if they do, it's usually such a mishmash of concepts and whatnot that they'll eventually run into some stagnation.

Any new language is a real challenge. Most people grow up speaking one language and one language only. However, we live in an increasingly global society and are much more likely than our parents to be exposed to several different foreign languages on an intense level. Thus it is important for us to master at least one second tongue, and language classes are the most convenient way for this to happen for most of us.

You're probably going to need some help at some point in your Language pursuits. When that time comes, will be right here for you.


Yeah, it seems like a joke, right? You're reading this in English, why would you need help in it? Well, it just so happens that you may not have the proper grammar. We have tutors here who can help you sort everything out when your mother tongue starts sounding like Greek (apologies to any Hellenes). Give your old friend a buzz if you need online tutoring help with English whatsoever.


Doesn't it sound romantic? Maybe, but you probably have no idea what they're saying. French is a beast unto itself. How on earth do they get those pronunciations from those letter combinations? How do you position your mouth to even make that sound? One thing is for sure, has more than a few French online tutors on hand to help you with any French problem that could ever happen to come your way.


Very popular, very useful. Spanish is the most widely spoken foreign language in the U.S., and is a valuable tongue for anybody in Europe and especially the Americas. While it may come easy for some, we can guarantee that you'll run into some difficulty once you get into the irregular verbs. That's when it will be time for you to talk to our online tutors!