It takes a special kind of person to take on Computer Science as a major. You are guaranteed to spend unnaturally long hours behind a keyboard, learning fluency in several "languages", holding the virtual world together with your skills. It can be very rewarding if you keep up on things. Several colleges and universities around the country have outstanding CS programs... but it still can be quite a task, and even the best CS students need some help sometime.

Your career in Computer Science promises to be a lucrative one, but first you need to attain your degree. This isn't a very easy subject... we are sure that you could tell us all about it. Seeing how the computer world is continually advancing at a very rapid rate, a CS major gets more difficult for each succeeding class. It's not surprising that you might be having difficulty understanding all the ins and outs of all those various platforms and programming languages.

When you give a call, you can rest assured that your Computer Science nightmares will soon be soothed.

C++ Programming

Do you have everything it takes to master the strict and demanding syntax of C++? Obviously many of us do, but at what price? This CS programming language of choice has been around since 1979 in one way or another, but its superiority is obvious when you see how easily adaptable it is. Get a hold of one of our readily available tutors and prepare to really learn something about this useful way to write code and script.

Java Programming

Did you know that they named Java after all the coffee that its creators had to drink during its development? With your own attempt at mastery of this ubiquitous programming language you probably feel like you need to buy a wholesale coffee club membership, or possibly even immigrate to Colombia. Before you develop any potentially addictive habits, why don't you explore your options? has highly adept Java pros on hand to help you in any way possible.

C Language

It's one of the most basic, universal computer languages in the world. It's so widespread and seemingly simple; they teach it in grade schools these days. But if you're having any kind of trouble with C, we will gladly help you in whatever capacity you require. Just give us a call.


They say that knowing Java is the same as knowing C#. Who are these people? If you need help with C#, you know who to call. We're affordable and on the spot.


This is one of the biggies for the brains. Very popular with advanced mathematicians and engineers, Matlab is very difficult to master. You'll probably need expert help, and we've got it in spades.


Some say that this is the key to everything. Others, not so much. Whatever your opinion is on the man, the myth, and the monster, you'll do well to indoctrinate yourself. Let us help you.