Work Formula

Work is said to be done when a body undergoes displacement. It is denoted by W.

Work Formula is given by

Where F = force applied and

            d = displacement.

Work formula is used to calculate work done, force or displacement in any problems. It is given in Nm.

Work Problems

Here area few problems that will help you to understand the concept better.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Calculate the work done if 15 N of force acts on the body showing the displacement of 3m?


Given: Force F = 15 N,

          Displacement d = 3m,

Work done W = F $\times$ d

                     = 15 N $\times$ 3m

                     = 45 Nm.  

Question 2: Calculate work done for 5 N of force and 4 metre displacement and angle between force and displacement is 45 degree?


Given: Force F = 5N,

          Displacement d = 4m,

          $\theta$ = 45o

Work done W = Fd cos $\theta$

                            = 5N $\times$ 4m cos 45o

                            = 14.12 Nm.

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