Kinetic Energy Formula

When an object moves, it stores energy, which is called kinetic energy.

Kinetic Energy Formula is given by


Where m = mass of the body,

            v is the velocity with which body is moving.

The Kinetic energy is expressed in Kgm2/s2.

Kinetic energy formula is used to calculate the mass, velocity or Kinetic energy of the body if any of the two quantities are given.

Kinetic Energy Problems

Below are problems on Kinetic energy, which help you to understand where you can use these problems.

Solved Examples

Question 1: A bus is moving with the velocity of 15 m/s and is having mass of 300 Kg. Calculate its Kinetic energy?


Given: Mass of the body m = 300 Kg,

          Velocity v = 15 m/s,

Kinetic energy is given by K.E = 15 mv2

                                            = 15 $\times$ 300 Kg (15 m/s)2

                                            = 4500 Kgm2/s2.

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