Displacement Formula

While traveling from one place to another, it's common to take the shortcut to get to the other place. In other word, the quickest way to get from one point to another is a straight line, and this shortest distance is the displacement, which is a vector quantity.

Suppose a body is in motion, it usually travels a certain distance from its starting point.

There are two quantities associated with the change in position of the body in motion – Distance and Displacement. Distance is the scalar quantity, measured by calculating how far a body in motion goes from one point to another, whereas the displacement refers to the overall change in position between the reference points.

Displacement formula

T here is no single formula for displacement. With a change in other quantities t in the problem, there will be a change in displacement formula. Still, there are a few formulae using which we can find the displacement.

S = vt

S = ut + 12at2

where u and v are initial and final velocity and a is acceleration.

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