Density Formula

Density provides information about how crowded an area is. When many people live in a town or city, that area is said to have high population density. In other words, density refers to the number or amount of objects in a certain area or space.

Understanding the Concept of Density

Equal mass of aluminum and gold have an important physical difference: the space aluminum takes is seven times greater than the space taken by the equal mass of gold. Although the reasons for the difference lie at the atomic and nuclear levels, a simple measure of this difference is the concept of Density.

Density Formula

There are various formulas for density. They are:

Density = mass/volume

Here mass is expressed in kg and volume in cubic meters.

Density = weight/volume

Density for an ideal gas can be derived by using the following relation:

we've PV=nRT

Density =MP/RT


P is the pressure

T is the temperature

M is the mass

R is the universal gas constant

M is actually the molar mass

The above equation gives the mass density relation.

Densities of solutions are expressed in a different way. It is the addition of the mass concentrations of the components of that solution.

Density $\rho =\sum ipi$

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