Physics Formulas

Physics involves expressing the things instead of mugging them up. Whilst doing this, we experience many problems, concepts etc. that require us to rely on our imagination, ability and creative skills. It means you need to develop some conceptual understanding of every topic to be able to handle a problem in Physics. Even if you know the formulas related to physical science, you may fail to solve a problem because you lack the conceptual understanding of that particular topic. What's more, you may have to remember so many formulas that it's common to mix things up and remember nothing at the time of solving a problem. That's when the physics formula sheet can help a lot.

Basic Physics Formulas

Below are given a sample physics formula sheet for basic relation between Voltage, current, resistance and power which might be helpful for you.

Name of the quantity Formula Quantities Unit
Voltage(V) V=IR



Power(P) P=IV V=Voltage Watts(W)
Power(P) P=V2R R=Resistance Watts(W)
Power(P) P=I2R I=Current Watts(W)

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