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Pre-algebra is a form of mathematics used in preparing a student for the study of algebra. The subjects reviewed in pre-algebra are:
  • Basic Equations
  • GCF and LCM
  • Fractions
  • Factors and Primes
  • Square Roots

Review of Pre-Algebra

Our intensive tutoring of Pre-Algebra tutoring covers topics such as:

Pre Algebra Terms

There are a variety of terms utilised in pre-algebra, for example; coefficient, constant, factor, expression variable, exponent, quotient, power, absolute values, integers and others. The terms are explained as:

  • Coefficient is a numerical part of a variable term.
  • Expression is mathematical sentence with more than one operation
  • Factor takes place when two numbers are multiplied.
  • Variable represents one number or more.
  • Quotient is an answer to a basic division problem.
  • Power is made up of an exponent
  • Exponent represents the number of times a base is used as a factor.

Pre Algebra Formulas

Listed below are pre algebra formulas:

Polynomial Factoring Formulas:

${(x + y)}^{2} = {x}^{2} +{y}^{2} +2xy $
${(x - y)}^{2} = {x}^{2} +{y}^{2} -2xy $
${x}^{2} - {y}^{2} =(x+y)(x-y) $
${x}^{3} +{y}^{3} =(x+y)({x}^{2} -xy+{y}^{2} )$
${x}^{3} -{y}^{3} =(x-y)({x}^{2} +xy+{y}^{2} ) $

Quadratic Formula:

The value of x for the quadratic equation, $ {ax}^{2} +bx+c=0, x\neq 0$  is  $x = -b \pm b 2 \sqrt{-4ac 2a} $

Law of Exponent

$ {x}^{a} *{x}^{b} = {x}^{a+b} $
$ {(x a )}^{b} = {x}^{ab} $
$ {(xy)}^{a} ={x}^{a} {y}^{b} $
$ {x}^{-a} = \frac{1}{{x}^{a}} $

Some Other Formulas:

  • Area of Triangle = $\frac{1}{2} $Base * Height
  • Area of a rectangle = Length * Breadth
  • Area of a Square = Side * Side
  • Area of a circle = $2\pi{r}^{2}, r $= radius of the circle
  • Circumference of the Circle = $2\pi; r, r $= radius of the circle
  • Perimeter of Square = 4Side
  • Perimeter of a rectangle = 2(Length+ Breadth)
  • Sum of the angles in a polygon = $(n - 2)180$, n = sides of the polygon

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