The Slope Formula

To fully understand the slope concept, it is important to first understand some other concepts that tag along, such as point slope formula and intercept form. The concept intercept form combines x and y intercept, and to find the slope, the point slope formula is put to use. Therefore, all these concepts are interrelated and need to be discussed together.

Formula for Slope of a Line

The slope of a line is simply the measurement of how steep a line is. With an increase in the slope value, there will be an increase in the steepness of the line.

The slope of a line including the x axis and y axis is represented by m and is defined as the change in the y coordinate divided by the corresponding change in the x coordinate, between two distinct points on the line.

The slope formula of the line is:

Slope (m) = [ (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1)] slope of line graph

Slope (m) = RiseRun

(Rise = change in the y co-ordinate; Run = change in the x co-ordinate)

In the above given graph, the Rise is given for the points B (4,2) and C (4,4) and the Run is given for the points A (2,2) and B (4,2)

Rise = change in the y - coordinate = 4-2 =2

Run = change in the x- coordinate = 4-2 =2

Using the slope formula, we get :

Slope( m ) = RiseRun = 22 =1

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