How It Works - Study with Online Tutor is Convenient, Affordable and Easy!

  • You create your account and check online classroom

  • You choose pricing package and request lesson

  • Tutor takes your lesson and you get an email confirmation

  • Tutor gets 2 hours to prepare for the lesson

  • You meet your tutor in the classroom on scheduled time

On-line classroom

  • Online chat

    You can chat with your tutor in written form if your English is not very good.

  • Whiteboard

    You and tutor can write or draw anything on the board to explain ideas more clearly

  • Voice chat

    If you do not like typing a lot - you can talk with your tutor.

  • Pointer

    Convenient tool to attract tutors attention to something written on the board

  • Files uploading

    You can upload your file with any info for the tutor to have better knowledge of your issue.

  • LaTeX equation editor

    Write Math formulas easily with special graphical interface

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Do not waste your time wondering how on earth you'd get through your academic load

Professional tutors. Our online tutors are ready to help you with any of your assignments regardless of the difficulty. All you need to do is choose from our wide range of experts willing to guide you through your academic tasks.

Interactive classrooms. With our interactive classrooms, you don’t need to go through the hassles of face-to-face tutoring such as having to make appointments first, leaving home just to go to learning centers. You save time with our service because the tutor is readily available - all you need is the internet.

Success. Favorable results are what we offer you. Obtain the services of our tutors and rest assured you will meet the goals you have set.

Subject abundance. Our tutors come from different backgrounds, so you won’t have any problems choosing one depending on the subject of your concern.

For the most comprehensive and interactive tutorial on the Web today, follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the Pricing page and choose the tutoring package most suited to your needs and sign up. Just a tip, the more time you buy, the more free tutoring time you will earn. Trial lessons are also available at $9 for 30 minutes.
  • Enter your registered email and password to log in. In your account, you see a button Request New Lesson. Click it. Provide the specifics of your tutoring request (subject and the questions to be asked or home work to be finished) and specify the desired time of the tutorial session.
  • After getting the confirmation from the tutor, enter the online classroom, which is a simulation of a live classroom. Here you get to interact with your chosen tutor - you get to chat, go over assignments and what have you with your chosen tutor. This facilitates better and more effective learning.
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